All Lakes stocked for 2020

Fishing is flying at Lochmahon Lakes. In early March we stocked the specimen Carp lake with 180 Carp from 6 to 10 lbs and 8 Carp averaging 20 lbs. The Match lake which already has some fine Tench, Rudd, Roach and Carp has been stocked with an additional 1000 1 lb to 2 lb Carp. The Fly lake has been stocked with an additional 100 2/3 kilo Rainbows. Our new tackle shop has a good range of tackle and baits from leading brands including Airflo, Fox, Ngt, Korum, Preston, Matrix, Dynamite and CC Moore, and Crafty Cather. Fly fishermen can now fly fish on the Match lake. We now also have an online shop

The Match lake is open from 10am to 8pm for match anglers and from 10am to 6pm for general fishing

Carp Lake Fishing Rules


To fish the specimen Carp lake you must be equipped with the following, and be experienced.

  • Bite alarms, pod and butt rests
  • Unhooking mat
  • Freespool, Baitrunner reels, or drag set correctly
  • Minimum12lb mainline
  • large landing net 

Lake Rules

  • All species of fish are strictly catch and release only.                          
  • All nets must be dipped on way in and on leaving No keepnets, barbless hooks only.
  • Fixed 12hr sessions: 9am to 9pm – 9pm to 9am (stop fishing at 8 and vacate by 9)
  • Additional time must be booked and paid for as a full 12hr session.
  • Two rod limit Keep within your designated swim area.
  • For quality control groundbait/method mix and pellets from our tackle shop must be used. Maximum 1kg per session, no bread, no spodding.
  • No fish to be kept in slings overnight, fish must be returned to water asap.
  • Pick up your rubbish and take it home No fires
  • Sockets for charging purposes only, bivvy lights phones etc, No extension cables.
  • No dogs, no load music (earphones only)
  • No outdoor bright lights.
  • Fishing is charged on a per person basis.